Volunteer With Highland Baptist Church in Junction City, KS

Become a Church Volunteer

Highland Baptist Church welcomes volunteers to provide service to our ministry. We have many different areas where we require assistance to ensure smooth operation of our church functions. During our church service, we offer a nursery and could use volunteers to come help out with children. You can also volunteer service to help set up for groups or help clean up after groups. If you are looking for something to do in the summer, you can come help out at our Super Summer Youth Camp for children. During the holiday season, we have a number of events, activities and potlucks with which we could always use assistance. No matter what type of service you enjoy doing, we are likely to have a project or task that is just right for you.

We Welcome Helping Hands

We understand that people have busy schedules and many cannot commit to volunteer regularly, but you do not have to be a consistent volunteer to lend service to our church. If you would rather work on an occasional task or single event, that would be excellent as well. For instance, we could always use assistance setting up a room for a potluck and cleaning up trash afterward. If you attend the men's group or the women's group, feel free to ask about how you can serve your group when you have time.

Help Yourself As You Help Us

Volunteering can help you gain skills in many areas, including interpersonal communication, organization and teamwork. When you volunteer for a church, you are also becoming more involved with the church and drawing yourself closer to God. We greatly enjoy seeing our volunteers incorporate themselves more deeply into the fellowship, and our church would strongly appreciate any assistance you can offer.
Call us today for more information on how to volunteer with us (785) 762-2686.